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After a spectacular journey, experiencing one of the world’s best road trip, the magnificent Atlantic road (Atlanterhavsveien), you continue through breath-taking scenery. This will bring you out where the mainland ends and the great ocean begins and you will discover the island Ljøsøya or “The light island”.

A special atmosphere of silence, hospitality and good service offers work-life balance, where you can reload the batteries, getting away from it all in a stress free vacation spot.

At Lysø Nature Camping and Cottages we can offer twelve comfortable cottages/holiday houses by the water. You are also welcome to enjoy camping in a tent or park your caravan and rent one of our boats to go out fishing or scuba diving.

Just take a walk around the island. Maybe discover the surroundings by boat. Go fishing and bring back the evening’s dinner directly from the ocean. Relax on the cozy terrace with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and a good book. Take a bike ride or paddle slowly in a kayak. No demands or expectations, just to unwind and do nothing.

Your Norwegian and Swiss hosts can provide excellent service in English, French, German and Norwegian.

It is up to you in which way you wish to organize your vacation or excursions. We have compiled many ideas for you and we are happy to assist you in the planning process of your trip to Norway!

We welcome you to Lysø Nature Camping & Cottages!

Anniken Kleven-Gasser og Daniel Gasser

A temporary home for your exploration and enjoyment. A place to relax and to let go of everyday life. Inspiration is in the ocean and in the air, within reach


Our newly renovated cabins and holiday houses are sited by the water. They provide a special atmosphere. The cheerful furnishings provide snug comfort – a place to relax and regain new strength.

You can choose between the big boat house, three charming fishermen’s cabins and the authentic Sea Lodge, which has hosted fishermen through generations. We can offer cabins and “rorbuer” from 2-12 persons, and accommodation at the old “Stabbur” which is a house where they used to store their food back in the old days.

Prices from NOK 200 –NOK 1500 per night.


The island, Ljøsøya is a natural Eldorado where you can come as close as possible to nature. At the camping site, there are lots for the caravans with electricity and if you don't need electricity you can put up your tent practically anywhere you want on the island


As a service to our caravan and camping guest, we provide a newly renovated sanitary building with showers, toilets and nursery facilities for infants and small children. We have a wash machine and tumble dryer available for our guests.

The traditional old grocery shop is renovated into a cozy Internet café. Outside there is a nice terrace with a beautiful view where we serve free coffee the whole day.

We have cooking and dishwashing facilities in the building “Stabburet”, where you also can enjoy your meal, and in the Internet café and sanitary building.

In “Stabburet” there is also a tiny guest library.

Wireless Internet is free.

Lysø Nature Camping and Cottages is directly located by the best fishing spots and areas. The flora and fauna here is both abundant and diverse due to the effect of the Gulf Stream, and the high levels of oxygen due to the dramatic storms and hurricane during fall and winter provides great food conditions for the fish and sea life.


Our boats are stable and well suited for the changing weather conditions and have good engines. At the end of every season, the boats are taken out of the water and go through a thorough service and maintenance process. We just built a great house by the floating dock for cleaning and making filet of the fish.
Our boats:

  • 1x 18 feet boat (Rana) med 25Hp engine, with sonar and GPS
  • 3x 18 feet boat (Hansvik) 15Hp engine, with sonar and GPS
  • 1x 18 feet boat(Hansvik), 15Hp engine, with sonar
  • 1x 18 feet boat (Hansvik),10Hp engine, with sonar
  • 1x 18 feet boat (Hansvik) 8Hp
  • 1x 17 feet boat (Hansvik) 8Hp


The Atlantic Road is the most beautiful bike ride in Norway! Among the seven finalists, the Atlantic Road named Norway's finest on the bike. Many people have voted, and many have also added comments on The trip is about 60 kilometers long, but there are many points where you can start or stop earlier if you do not want to ride quite so far. The trip is not particularly demanding, the landscape is hilly, but if you take your time, most cyclists will have a great experience.

With the Atlantic Road and the coastal path as highlights the trip between Kristiansund and Bud is full of contrasts, and a beautiful experience. From the quiet marshes and forests to the ocean's powerful forces.

We have kayaks, canoes and boats for rent.


The crystal clear water and the exceptional visibility makes the area Hustadvika, where Lysø Nature Camping and Cottages is located, one of the greatest diving experiences in Europe. Underwater visibility of 40 to 60 meters is not unusual in the winter, and visibility is generally good all year round. Here you find giant sea tangle forest and numerous wrecks,

Marine life includes various corals, sponges, starfish, shells, crustaceans, fish, etc., and it is not unknown for killer whales to visit the area.

Our neighbours, “Strømsholmen sjøsportssenter” is a high quality diving centre which offer daily guided diving tours during the season. They also rent out diving equipment.

Ocean and Mountain. “Nature and culture. Village and town. Nearness and distance. Energy and pure relaxation.”


Kvernes stave church
A beautiful and special stave church. Kvernes stave church, dating from approx. 1300 AD., is one of the youngest of the Norwegian stave churches.

Located with a magnificent view over the Kvernes fjord and the Frei fjordtwo fjords. Inside; choir screen with crucifix and royal monogram, baroque pulpit, painted acuantus decarorations. The altarpiece is from 1475.

On Nordmøre there are two stave churches, one at Kvernes and also Grip stave church on the small island of Grip. At Kvernes, guide service is available and it is highly attractive for visitors, also larger groups. Open daily during summer.

You can read more about Kvernes stave church

Next door you will find Old Kvernes Rural Museum and the more recent Kvernes church (1893) is also located nearby. Exit the RV64 by Bruhagen towards Kvernes.

You can read more at Nordmøremuseum own site


Averøy have some restaurants with great food, made out of local commodities
Håholmen Havstuer
Bjartmars Kro

The old trading center and fisher village “Lysøen” has for centuries been a central meeting point for people and trade both locally, regionally and internationally. As it is now. With its natural harbour it was sheltered from the intense storms and hurricanes that regularly hit the coast line. Lysøen has long traditions for stockfish trade, post and ship trafficking. People lived and worked on this island –close to the big, strong ocean. Our ancestors were farming combined with running the and the local Sailors and fishermen. Still the local farmhouse and other buildings are in daily use. «Lysø Camping og rorbuutleie» was established by Oskar og Lilly Lysø at the beginning of the 1970. A brave and innovative act at that time. The sites consists of cabins and cottages in a variety of sizes, altogether 70 beds for accommodation.


“The best from Norway and Switzerland”- Norwegian Nature, Swiss Quality” Your hosts, Anniken Kleven-Gasser, descending, from the island and Daniel Gasser, from Basel in Switzerland took over the business in april 2014. We are, with our three children fifth and sixth generation continuing our ancestor’s dreams and reality. An important part of our motivation is to make the history stay alive through changing to preserve. We hope to fulfill your expectations from the moment you relax in your living room deciding to book your holiday –until you are back home with your suitcase filled with memories.


Reservation and booking.
Your Norwegian and Swiss hosts can provide excellent service in English, French, German and Norwegian.

It is up to you in which way you wish to organize your vacation or excursions. We have compiled many ideas for you and we are happy to assist you in the planning process of your trip to Norway!

Shuttle service to/from Kristiansund airport and the catamaran boat from Trondheim. Other options are airplane to Molde airport or train to Åndalsnes or Oppdal. From there you can take the bus or rent a car.

We welcome you to Lysø Nature Camping & Cottages!

Phone (+47) 71 51 21 13 or (+47) 40 20 75 90
Address: Ljøsøyveien 116, 6533 Averøy - Norway

GPS: 63.037399, 7.407159